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    CA Ventures is a global real estate powerhouse, boasting a portfolio of over $10 billion in assets. Established in 2004 under the leadership of CEO Tom Scott, CA Ventures embarked on its journey as a modest investment firm primarily focused on the acquisition and development of university student housing. Over the years, CA Ventures has evolved into a distinctive force in the global real estate arena, serving as the parent company to a diversified family of subsidiaries, including CA Asset Services, CA Student Living, CA Residential, CA Office, CA Hospitality, CA Senior Lifestyle, and CA International.


    With a commitment to enhancing lives through transformative spaces, CA Ventures offers a comprehensive suite of services covering student, senior, multifamily, medical, and industrial properties. At every stage, CA Ventures is deeply dedicated to identifying and rejuvenating properties that have a positive impact.


    Guided by visionary leaders, CEO Tom Scott and Chief Investment Officer John Diedrich, the company boasts a dedicated team of over 2,000 professionals. Their collective efforts have earned CA Ventures the distinction of being named one of Crain's "Best Places to Work in Chicago" in 2019, highlighting the company's commitment to fostering a dynamic and fulfilling work environment.




    Guided by a deep-seated passion for enhancing human experiences, we craft environments that not only transform lives but also serve as bold declarations of our values. Our designs transcend mere functionality, becoming powerful statements about what truly matters.



    CA Ventures is a thriving ecosystem built upon the foundation of relationships. Our colleagues, capital partners, and the communities we serve are the interconnected threads that weave our tapestry of success. We are not just a collection of individuals; we are an embodiment of collective strength, driven by shared vision and unwavering commitment.



    Performance is a measure of our success, but integrity is the foundation of our identity. We are committed to aligning our actions with our values, prioritizing the interests of our investors, maximizing collective benefits, and designing solutions that enhance lives, not merely extend lifecycles.



    Trust is our foundation, shaping our interactions with colleagues, partners, and communities. We build, protect, and deepen trust through transparency, accountability, and ethical conduct. This commitment to trust is at the heart of our success.


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    CA Ventures is a vibrant collective of passionate and driven individuals, united by a shared commitment to innovation and collaboration.


    We thrive on breaking the mold and redefining the norm, constantly pushing boundaries to achieve the extraordinary.